Twente is a region in the Eastern part of my home country of The Netherlands. Whenever I have the chance, I set my alarm clock to get up early to go for a refreshing stroll in Twente's countryside to capture the first light of the day.  Twente has a rich history of agricultural lifestyle. Throughout the past centuries, this has resulted in a unique bocage-type landscape and typical Saksian architecture which you can still find today. At least, if you know where to look. 
The last years in particular, Twente's rural identity is being threatened by new development of housing estates, infrastructure, the so-called 'green energy' installations such as wind turbines and solar power fields. To make the situation even more uncertain, farming in The Netherlands isn't the most favorable business to be in nowadays. Let's hope that farmers will remain to play an important part in Twente's future and it will help preserving the beautiful landscape and architecture as we know it.